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About Us

Aly’Soul first launched in 2020 with a mission to create a relaxing and safe environment in every home. We are known for our eucalyptus bunches that create a natural aromatherapy & our Soy candles that are high quality, Natural and Vegan friendly. They make the perfect gift for any occasion. We carefully select premium fragrances & essential oils to achieve the best scents for our candles.  Each candle is made with 100% natural soy wax. All of our candles and eucalyptus bunches are handmade with love at our home in Gatineau, QC.   
How it all started:
I always enjoyed taking long showers or baths after a long day of work to help me relax and de-stress. A friend of mine came home with a few eucalyptus branches that he was gifted from his partner, and it smelled so wonderful that I just had to try turning it into an aromatherapy shower because eucalyptus has so many good properties to help you relax and feel better & that is how it all started.
 I always light a candle to make the experience more enjoyable. The problem with the store bought candles is that they are horrible for your health and the environment. This is what inspired me to start making my own for my daily usage. I found myself passionate about creating non-toxique candles using Soy wax and various fragrance oils to create custom scent for various occasion that I turned that passion to help others protect there health & environment.
When I first moved to Gatineau, QC my entourage had a hard time saying my name properly because it’s English so they called me ALY instead and that’s where I got the Idea to call my company Aly’Soul.
Thank you so much for supporting local!